Contact a Raffle Coordinator

You can purchase raffle tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Stick Raffle by contacting a raffle coordinator near you! If you do not see one near you, please contact for help.

Once tickets are purchased, an electronic ticket will be emailed to you for the big draw on the 31st of October at Queen’s Park. Good luck!

Name Ministry
Janet Lim 56 Wellesley St W.4th floor (Toronto)
Cora-Lee Simon
Jonathon D’Onofrio
Transportation (MTO)
Kaitlin Yousif Labour (MOL)
Sergiy Kolosov Regional Raffle Coordinator (Kingston)
Heather Grimaldi Regional Raffle Coordinator (St. Catherines)
Claire Burks Regional Raffle Coordinator (Aylmer)